Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Duck Beach - June 2013

The Maxfield family rented a beach condo in North Carolina in Duck Beach! We all made it for some of the time.  It was an awesome trip with Lots of memories.  We were celebrating Matthew's (my brother) graduating from Oral Surgery.  We are so excited that him and his cute family get to move back to Utah to set up practice!!!  Here are a Lot of pictures from the trip!
James and Sadie
Cousins in the Movie Theatre!!
Ivy, Eliza, Ellie
the Beach House and the crew!

Eliza meeting Uncle Botts and Heidi
Jeffie and Dad watching a little TV
Bryndy, Nani, Jocelyn and Makenzie
Our Amazing View

James, Sadie and Caden

Running down the sand hill

Me and My Dad!

Caden and Owen

the White crabs we would hunt at night

Blake's injury
Walking on the beach

the Pool and Hot Tub at our house

Taisja and Eden
coming in from the Beach

Matthew and baby Liza
Nani and Heidi cooking some tasty meals
Eliza and her Dad

silly Jimmer
Blake and Bryndy and the Grand Kids

Beach fun

Styling baby
Ellie's crazy Hair



Makenzie skim boarding

Matthew's turn

Girl time
Family Pictures on the Beach

My baby is getting so big

What a fun trip! Thanks mom and dad and Congrats Matthew and Heidi for finishing training!!!


Laurie Marsh said...

Ok Marissa! Those are just about the best pictures I have ever seen! What a great trip and so fun to see Hermana Maxfield! I miss her. Great post. Love you!!

Laura said...

Those are Fabulous pictures! What an amazing trip!

Rosalie Ringwood said...

What a great family vacation! Makes me miss Makenzie! All those pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one of Wendy and Norm! Cute couple! Your 5 children are just beautiful! And you and Jeff look fantastic! We love you all