Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spring Break and Eliza getting Bigger!

Eliza turned 3 months in the end of March
She started smiling and laughing at her siblings.  She sucks a binki and her two middle fingers.  She is such a sweet little baby doll who we all love.
stats:  height 23.4 inches
weight 10.8 lbs
head 15 inch
she is probably my tiniest tot
 bath time
 with Jocelyn's violin
spring break 2013
we stuck around town
we did sleep over one night at Midway and the kids got to play with some second cousins
Eating lunch at Dairy Keen
with Caroline McKellar

 We also went to " This is the Place" with some neighborhood friends
Here is Ellie riding the pony
 James and Jocelyn

 some of our crew

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

James is 3

April 4, 2013
Our cute JamesE turned Three!
He loves superheros especially Batman.  He always wants to wear a superhero shirt and basketball shorts.   He has the cutest dimples and is very sweet to his baby sister.  He loves playing with his toys and his big brother.  He has a great imagination and has no problem playing in the toy room by himself.  He is still working on getting on the "Potty Train" as he would call it.  He loves music and has many of    what he calls "my songs" on the radio.  His favorite one right now is  "Call Me Maybe".  He is taking swimming lessons and soccer.  Both very beginning level and getting used to both.  James calls his baby cousin Marshall- his "Best Friend Marshall".  He also refers to Eliza as "Her", "Her is crying, Mom".  James is quite the character and entertainer. He loves to dance to his songs and loves to play swords and guns.  He is very smiley and Happy.We love his fun personality and sweet spirit.  Love you - James
Happy Birthday! the Big 3! 
The night we celebrated James and Nani Wendy birthday at Texas Roadhouse

The in-state Maxfield crew -
We went to the park with cousins in the day to celebrate James birthday!  We had a Batman party and pizza!
Maga and Jocelyn and Ashlyn
His Best friend Marshall
The Birthday Boy
and his baby blue eyes (and messy face)

The Batman cake
and Ryker
opening the gifts

the batman mask
playing at the playground

Aunt Laura and Aunt Brooke and both Grandmas and cousins
Zack, Ellie and James
Happy Birthday Buddy. We sure are glad you are in our family! We love you James!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter 2013

This year I took the kids to the Holladay Lions Club for a swimming Easter Egg Hunt.
They swam around (in different age groups) and picked up the plastic empty eggs then turned them in for a prize bag.  It was something fun and totally different.

James turn
Eliza even got to go swimming after the hunt for the first time!
Easter Morning-
Egg hunt around the house.
Jocelyn found the Lucky Golden Egg -it had Money in it!

Ellie with the Rainbow Peeps on a stick
Before church
all colorful
Then Easter Dinner at Nani and Popsy's house
more girls
Jocelyn looking so grown up
the with Auntie Bryndy and Makenzie (or as they were called when they were younger -" Brakinzie"
the cute kiddos in matching clothes
the Whole Jackson Family in Easter Best
with Uncle Blake.  The older three kids had a sleep over at Blake's apartment over spring break.  Blake made up a treasure hunt around his building and rented a fun show.  They had so much fun! What a great uncle!
after yummy Easter dinner at the Maxfield's house.
Eliza 3 months
We sure do love our cute Baby Liza
James steals Eliza's binki all the time
Our little Eliza's big Smile! Getting so big sitting up in the Bumbo

Dyeing Easter Eggs with Granny Nanni

Happy Easter 2013!