Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I can't believe my oldest is 9!!! Holly Cow- how fast they are growing up.  Jocelyn wanted a pirate party this year.  She planned the whole thing wanting a treasure hunt and ending it at the movie theatre. She invited a few cute  friends from the neighborhood!  It turned out really cute and everyone had a great time.
The Pirates and her pirate oreo cake
Tia Cook, Jocelyn, Ashlyn Jackson, Zoey Barton, and Ellie (Callie Christensen came later)
Reading the clues on the treasure hunt
Found the treasure with treats and a movie ticket inside!
Cake and Icecream
playing at the theatre
Bryndy, Nani and Popsy and Maga Karen joined in the fun.
the "odd life of timothy green" is  the movie we saw.

Jocelyn and Tia- twin pirates
all the great gifts she got for her birthday from friends and family.  Happy Birthday sweet Jocelyn!
We love you!

This was at the end of the summer Jackson side reunion swimming party.  The Jackson crew who could make it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First day of School 2012

First day of School

Jocelyn 3rd Grade
Ellie 1st Grade

Ellie in Ms. Lenhardt's class
Jocelyn has Mrs. Pixton
After School Root Beer Float  first day of school Celebration!!!

 Caden first day of 3 half day a week Preschool!

 James sitting on uncle Craig's motercycle
Caden's turn

Hope Everyone has a wonderful School Year!  They are all getting SO OLD!!!! Love my kiddos!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August 16 - Ellie Bug's Birthday Parties

Our little Ellie turned 7!!  She had a few neighborhood friends and some cousins over to our house for a "Butterfly Tea Party"!

 her cake
 Presley, Jocelyn, Ellie, Ashlyn and Ava with their WINGS~
 the Birthday girl
 the fancy tea party

 enjoying the food and treats
 cute cousin Sadie Louise was also in town and joined in the fun
 Ashlyn, Jocelyn, Jillian Green, Adrienne Panke, Ava Barton, Isabel Graff, Caden, Presley, Sadie and Ellie
 PiƱata time

 blowing out her candles
 Then for dinner we did some more celebrating at noodles with more of the families.
Popsy, Owen, Kenzie, Bryndy, Sadie, Heidi and Ivy
 Laura and Karen and the 3 girls
 Marc and Brooke with Madden and Kolbyn and James

 more candles and cake
 Lots of fun gifts!
We love you Ellie! We are so glad you are in our family!! Happy Birthday!  What a fun day!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last of Summer fun list

Jocelyn and Ellie did mini cheer camp at Olympus.  They cheered one quarter and did a dance at half time at the J.V. game.
cousin Ashlyn, Jocelyn and Ellie

more boating adventures
and wake boarding
Jocelyn all smiles
Riding the pony with cousins at Swenson's backyard
James LOVED the horse! he was not scared at all and could not get enough riding in!
girl friend night out
shopping and dinner at City Creek
and pedicures
Me, Mindy Kinnersley, Michelle Christensen, Karly Mellen

Playing at Chuck E Cheese!!

Jumping at Airborne

visiting Liberty Park and Tracy Aviary

aunt Bryndy and Caden on Buddy

outing at zoo  and Lagoon with some of the Jacksons cousins

The Kids Loved Lagoon- they are at such a fun age for all the big rides.  The 3 big kids loved it .We stayed all day and night till closing!

Play with Maxfield cousins Owen, Sadie and Ivy at Jungle Jim's  and Planet Play while they were in town

James and Sadie!

We love to Play!  What an awesome Summer- so sad to see it end!