Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our 6 year old!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn -August 31st! Wow 6 years has gone by fast. Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. You are such a great big sister and such a good example. You are such a great helper. You always try to do what is right. Your a peacemaker. You love all girl things and love to organize and have things your way. You are a hard worker and you love being silly sometimes. You love to read books, crafts, music, dance, gymnastics and friends. We love you Jocelyn - hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

We played pin the Bow on Hello Kitty. (Jeff drew this Hello Kitty!)

They also played Hot Potato ( with the Hello Kitty doll)

We had lots of fun relays and played outside.

This was the craft Kitty Ears (with or without the bow)

It was a very fun party with lots of great friends.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Race Day

No Not Jeff's Big Race yet-

Mine- I was feeling guilty he was training so much and I was not doing anything. So I decided what could I do with only a few weeks of training. Maybe a ... 5k (3.2 miles) - perfect! Not to long but long enough for a beginner runner. It was a beautiful morning perfect day for a run.

Finished in 25 mins
not the fastest, but faster than I thought I would do?

I was surprised i actually got 2ND place in my age group and got this cool homemade trophy. (There were quite a few people finish in front of me, Luckily there was only one other girl that did in my age group.)

the Trophy

Tooth Fairy Time

My little Jocelyn lost her First Tooth last weekend. It was getting very wiggly and she pulled it out herself. She put it under her pillow and now she is one dollar richer! Here is the start of a toothless SMILE!

Jocelyn - age 5 (2 weeks away from 6)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls just wanta have Fun!

Jeff's mother planned this girls trip to the Mall of America for these cute girls Birthdays. My two sister- in-laws came with their daughters. We stayed at the water park of America, went on Rides at MOA, got American Girl dolls for their B-days and had a lunch party for them, went shopping and had so much fun! It was really such a wonderful Birthday Presents for my Two August Babies! the Little Girls celebrating their Birthdays.

Ashlyn and Jocelyn -best cousins!

The Token Boy of the trip


Ellie and Caden

Caden going down the slide

Sponge Bob

The Frog Hopper was one of Caden's favorite rides

on the rides at the Mall of America,

The girls and their matching PJ's or Outfits.

Ashlyn & Gwen

Ellie & Kit

Jocelyn & Sparkles

Jewel or Sparkles (she is still deciding which name to use) and Jocelyn in matching clothes

Ashlyn and Gwen

Caden and Daddy being very good sports at this really girly party!

(Jeff came and joined the party on the last day and help watched the kiddos while we did a little shopping!)

Ellie feeding her doll

All American Girls

Kit Kittridge, Ellie and "Harry Potter"- (Ellie named him) the doll they let Caden borrow during the party.

Girls with their Maga/ Grammie who made this fairy tale trip possible!

Thanks Karen we all had so much fun!

Birthday Girls

Blowing out their Candles

Party prizes

Lars, Ash, Jocelyn and dolls eating some cake and ice cream!

Brooke and Presley

Jocelyn's doll getting her hair done at the beauty doll parlor

Ellie and Jocelyn also got to go to Build-a- Bear and stuff their very own Hello Kitty doll. Thanks Maxfield's for the fun B-day present. Wow! What a great Birthday this year!

Ellie opening her presents on Birthday Morning

Brooke, Presley, Laura, Ellie, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ashlyn and Grandma Karen

Visiting Lake Minnetonka before they fly home

Jeff and Me