Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Monday, April 29, 2013

Jocelyn's school performances and more

Jocelyn has had a great school year with her 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Pixton. (on far right)  They have gone on a lot of field trips including this snowshoeing one!!! fun stuff

Jocelyn tried out for her school play "Treasure Island" this year.  She loved it and did awesome. It had 90 kids in it ranging from 3rd-6th grade. She didn't seem to mind all the early morning rehearsals.  Here she is with some of her villager friends.
with the cast and friend Maddie Allred
wearing Nani's dress!

Friends and Family came to watch her.  Paige, Jocelyn, Ashlyn and Ellie
with the set
the director and choir teacher at Cottonwood- Mrs. Monson
Jeff had a orthopedic conference in Chicago in March
did a little sight seeing and eating delicious food

 Jocelyn's America 3rd grade singing concert (with Lizzie Dunn and Tia Cook)
 D.O.T.S. (depend on the Savior) stake activity day girls activity for Me (a leader), Jocelyn, and Ellie coming in this year.
 My two binki/ diaper babies!  One is getting a little too big for both! But he sure is cute and a great big brother
 Caden has been loving our Christmas present "double shot"
He has been practicing a lot trying to beat his dad. He is getting up there Caden- 102 vs Jeff -154

Monday, April 8, 2013

February and early March activities

Eliza at 2 months:
Weight: 10 lbs  (50%)
Height: 23.4 inches (75%)
 She is getting so big.  Getting more on a schedule and starting to smile and make sweet baby noises and  cooing.  Sisters and Brothers love holding her!  She is our"real live" little baby doll! they all think she looks like this doll and like to push her in the Bitty baby stroller.

Eliza's room got finished painting.  We think it turned out super cute with the pink Chevron window seat.
Caden finished up his basketball season.  He loved it and worked really hard on improving his skills this year.  Daddy Jeff was the assistant coach and Jeff Pederson the head.  Great season boys- fun to watch.  Caden got a double shot for Christmas and started out only making a few points- a few months later and after playing a lot- his record its 104 and constantly trying to beat it and catch his dad's score of 154!

 Getting his medal! good job Caden buddy
 We also got to go to a Jazz game with Grandfather in the box!
 We took a quick trip to St. george with our family
Got to enjoy the outdoors did a little hiking and Jeff some biking.

 Jackson cousins at Kolbyn's baptism- what a special day!
 a few of cute baby Eliza
 all Smiles!
 James has been working on this.....
 still working on it- hope to be fully potty trained soon!?
 playing at Jungle Jims when did not have school

 Eliza's first flight.  Jeff, Eliza and I got to take a quick weekend to LA.- our old stoping grounds!  We stayed by Santa Monica pier.  We did a little surfing, playing on the beach, reading, eating and shopping on 3rd street promenade.  It was such a fun and relaxing get away.

 Jeff catching a wave
 Eliza was a great baby- sleeping away
 we had great 80 degree weather!

So fun! I love LA!!!