Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Days.....

Riding Bikes... Rochester Water ski Show...

Rock Climbing...
Jocelyn climbing the wall Quarry Hills

Our nice neighbor invited us to tag along.

Now Ellie's Turn

Honkers Baseball game....

Jocelyn and Caleb Reed

Caden, Ellie, Hannah and Jolene Reed

So many Fun things to do in the Summer Time!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Andy Potts

For the 5 other people in America who may subscribe to Triathlete magazine, you may have heard of Andy Potts. He is a professional triathlete who is featured quite a bit. Anyway, when Jeff raced in the Life time fitness triathlon a few weeks ago in the Twin Cities he was able to meet Andy in person and get his autograph. He was strangely excited about that. It was quite the race with lots of professional triathletes attending and over 3,000 racers doing the sprint or olympic distances. Jeff's signed poster from Andy.

Andy with his winners check after the Tri

bike transition area

Jeff felt like he did well in this one. He finished in 2 hours and 19 minutes. He took sixth in his age group (out of 136). He took 28th overall (out of 1041). He did not beat Andy Potts. Way to go Jeff!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Man vs. Tree

We got back from vacation and we saw this sign along with a big red X with a line under it on our very large tree in our back yard. We were very sad that we would have to get rid of this great tree. Who knew that Tree removal was so expensive! After getting a few bids around $1700! Jeff decided he could do it himself. So he looked up how to do it on the Internet the night before- thanks google! And called a friend, (and great home teacher) Kevin Buman and his chain saw and went to town all day Saturday. It is really a miracle that the tree fell where it was supposed to and no one or thing got hurt. Thanks Kevin for all you help. I still can't believe they did it! We do still have to pay someone to remove the diseased tree and disposed of it properly, grid the stump, seed the hole and haul everything away. BUT we did save some $-and Jeff is very happy about that. Here are some pictures of Man =1 ,Tree= 0 (thank goodness) Timber! Jeff and Kevin

After all branches cut off pile of branches

good work boys

Go Kevin!

The massive tree down. We took a section of our fence down so the tree fell toward the park pathway. Lots of neighbors came out to cheer them on and to see what the loud crashing sound was.

I did not get a picture of the tree before but the tree was about as big as some of these trees in the back ground

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet Grandma Maxfield

My Cute Grandma passed away last week. She lived 89 wonderful years. Caden and I got to go home for the funeral services. She was such an amazing mother, grandmother and friend. We will miss her sweet spirit, fun personality and loving arms. I am sure she is enjoying a great reunion with her sweetheart.

love ya Grandma and Grandpa! XOXOXO

Thursday, July 9, 2009

She Did IT!

Jocelyn can now ride her bike without training wheels! We were in Florida last summer so we did not get much practice last year. But this year it only took us a few days of practicing and she picked it right up.

Her cheering section:



Practicing with the family

Way to go Jocelyn!!!!!

4th of July

We made it home from our trip just in time for a great 4th of July gathering at our house. The fireworks were impressive and the company was great. Thanks to all who came over to watch. We will miss living so close to this park and having a front row to the fireworks. (sorry i didn't get too many pictures- just some actions shots)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Duck Beach

Lots and Lots of pictures of our Great trip to Virgina and Duck Beach. Thanks Dad and Mom and family for the wonderful trip! We LOVED brother Matthew and Heidi with Owen and the newest member of the family Sadie!

Meeting new little Sadie Louise- What a doll! My mother and Baby Sadie

my Dad and Caden walking on the Virginia Beach after dinner

Caden and Blake. Caden loved all the attention and he loves to be held

Bryndy and Ellie doing her toe touch

Jocelyn and Ellie Eating a little ice cream from DQ with my brother Brady and Taisja.

Blake (the newest orthodontist- Congrats!) playing with the kids in the sand

playing a little " Putt Putt"

Caden getting a little overheated

Ellie, Bryndy, Taisja, Jocelyn, My mother and Caden way in the back

Ellie trying to take a picture of me with my camera.

Caden was a great ball boy for our Hot Tennis match

The row of back flippers

Aunt Bryndy and the girls

At the sand dunes

Jeff with Caden Walking up the sand dunes

Caden loved the washing tub.

the Naked Boy running away

Brady, Taisja and Popsy building a sand castle

Caden recking it

Burying Brady

Jeff and Ellie playing in the waves

Father and son

Caden in his own personal hot tub

Matthew, Bryndy, Heidi and Sadie

Nani with her grand kids

Hot Tubing on the deck

All the kids

Jocey hold baby Sadie Louise

Blake and kids

the little boys playing in the sand

Maxfield family

the Jackson Family


Uncle Beezer and Caden

Brady and Taisja

Brady and Jocelyn

Marissa and Jeff

Ellie running around the edge

At the Wright Brothers museaum

Blake, Jeff, Brady and Matthew


the Girls
Jocelyn, Ellie, Nani, Me, Bryndy, Taisja, Heidi and Sadie

Bryn and Jocey

Caden and Owen in their twin Outer Banks shirts

Our Bedroom in the awesome Beach house

Climbing to the top of the lighthouse

Made it to the Top

Going home we did not have enough room for everyone and their gear in the van, so my dad rented this Limo to get us to the airport in style. Thanks Dad it was great! What a wonderful trip!