Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maxfield's Visit So Cal

My parents came last week and we had a wonderful time exploring Hollywood, Universal, Santa Monica, our Neighborhood and swimming pool and much more. Thanks for coming and playing with us. the Chinese Theater
In front of the wax Shrek

Walking along the Stars
"Michael Jackson's star"

My dad meeting Samuel L. Jackson (he he)

Marilyn and Marissa

Meryl Streep
Tim McGraw

Walt Disney
My mom and Caden with Mickey
Then we picked up the girls from school and headed to the Beach
Santa Monica- Nani and Jocelyn
On the Santa Monica Pier
Riding the Huge Ferris Wheel

Ellie and Me peeking out
Caden and Mom on the scrambler

3rd Street Promenade for something to eat and to do some window shopping
Next day showed them Universal Studios

Exploring the Hollywood Bowl outdoor theatre.

Jeff and Caden
the Hollywood sign

Did not get any pictures of our fun bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice Beach.
then Saturday we went to Zuma Beach in Malibu. It was a little overcast and cool but there were huge waves for surfing. Also we got to watch a surf competition happening right next to us. They were so good!
Jeffrey catching some waves
James really did like the sand - you can't tell by the picture. (just a little hungry)
Happy now in Popsy's arms. Jeff and my dad went to the Rose Bowl to watch UCLA play!
We really packed it in. Thanks again Popsy and Nani - We sure do love visitors.

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of School

California schools started last week. Jocelyn is starting first grade, and because of the different b-day cut off Ellie is starting Kindergarten! Both girls are are gone full day. It is quite the change for me and the boys. Our school is just down the street so we get to walk the girls to school every morning. We did do a few drive buys at lunch to see if we could see them. It was a little sad for their mother to lose both of them all day! Hope they are learning and having fun. Here are a few pictures of the first day. Ellie and Caden ready to go to school. Caden wanted to bring his backpack too. So he could be like his big sisters. He was sad when he did not get to stay at school. But he got to play with Mom and James and go to YMCA school. (AKA kids care)
Striking a pose
With her team teachers: Ms. Worchell and Ms. Thomassian
Putting on her listening ears
Ellie pretty excited after her First Day of Kindergarten.

She got a superstar award on the First day!

Yes she does have a different outfit on. She said she changed at lunch (into her spare outfit they like them to keep in their backpack for an emergency) because she was too hot? She did the same thing the next few days- so i stopped putting the extra outfit inside. Hopefully she doesn't ever really need it! Funny girl.
Jocelyn so excited for her first day of First Grade (she LOVED her Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Tiedeman, so hopefully she will have a good one here too)
Jocey in front of Colfax Charter Elementary School
at her desk
with her teacher Ms. McDonald

the whole crew after school

These guys are such great friends - it is so nice!
Yeah - they both seemed to enjoy their teachers, school and made a few new friends.
(Ellie has had a little separation issues in the mornings but hopefully that improves with time.)

Here is Ellie the next day playing on the playground

We survived the first week. My parents were in town visiting so it was nice to have extra hands to help or stay home with the sleeping babies. We will see how week two goes on our own.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Some of My Favorite Places -(Summer Catch up)

We have a wonderful and extra long summer. Which we got to spend a lot of it in Utah with lots of family and friends. We got out of school early to move in Rochester and Start school tomorrow in LA. We did lots and lots of fun things which i did not get to document everything. Here are a few highlights of some of my favorite places in Utah.


We took a little weekend trip with the Maxfield's to the Midway cabin. It is so peacefully and beautiful up there. We played cards, rode bikes, played tennis and did a little early water skiing at Deer Creek. So fun- Love it. Jocelyn and Ellie with Nelson and Bryndy

Eating some yummy shakes at Dairy Keen in Heber

On the Train


This year we got to go to Lake Powell with the Jackson/ Swenson group. Lake Powell is one of my favorite places on Earth. It is Always so fun and the kids could not get enough. They loved it. Great Fun, Food and Family.
Ellie all smiles
The 4 little babies, Bridger Swenson,(8months) the Twins Zachary and Ryker,(6m) and James (2m)

Grandma Burningham holding baby James
James swimming in Powell for the first time
Laura with her twins
Me and James (2 months)
Karen and Dave in the canoe with Ashlyn, Joshua, Jocelyn
the boys napping on the boat
the kids Loved the Tube. They went for hours and never wanted to get off.

Jocelyn skiing

Ellie skied too -only have the tube ski photo
Caden standing up
with cute cousin Ashie
Jocelyn jumping off the houseboat
Ellie Jumping
Ellie loved jumping off - of course
Caden and Daddy swimming
Sarah Swenson painting the girls toes
Jeff showing off his Lake Powell handlebars -Nice
Jeff still skiing strong even after shoulder surgery 2 weeks before