Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Monday, July 25, 2011

The End is near

This last weekend of our fellowship Jeff and I got to go to Santa Barbara and stay at the Bacara with the other 4 orthopedic sports fellows and their partners. It was a beautiful relaxing resort paid for by the reps (which is always an added bonus). It was fun spending some time with them before we all go our separate ways and start our "real" jobs! Kinda crazy that this medical training journey is coming to an end. We really have enjoyed the journey and all the wonderful people we have met along the way. Looking back these 10 years and especially the last 6 away from family really has gone fast. Here are a few pictures of the fun weekend! A big thanks to Maga Karen for watching the kids. It was a great mini vacation before crazy land of moving and starting a practice.
the Boys- Jeff, Jim, Nirav, Connor, Randall
The Girls- Me, Melissa, Jamie, Amy, Lauren

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some of our last goodbyes

Getting ready to move. The hardest part is definetly saying goodbye to all our wonderful friends we have made this year. Thanks everyone from Befriending us even in this short amount of time. Keep in touch!
Here is Elllie and one of her best friends, Chyannne, from school

One of Caden's best buddies Cairo from our ward
Olivia has been one of Jocelyn's closest friends this year

Jocelyn practicing her stroke
Ellie doing a handstand
Some Friends from the ward. Rachel Champion and baby Jane, Mandie Peterson, Beth Tait, Sarah Heder, and Sara Snow and their children
Sarah Champion and one of the twins she nannies
Michelle Barty
Caden with Jonah another one of his best buddies
Barty Boys and Jackson Boys
Playing with the Snows

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Play List

My kids made a list of things they want to do this summer before we move to Utah. Here is a few pictures of our summer fun.1.visiting the American Girl doll store at The Grove
and eating dinner at the "farmers market"
the tram ride
Hanging out at the Grove - and later dancing to the live music
2. Chuck E Cheese
3. Six Flags (Marissa's list)
My friend Heather and I have been talking about going to 6 flags for a long time. Jeff got home early one day last week we decided to go for it. We got there around 4:30pm and basically ran to each ride to try and get as many in as we could. For those of you who know me know i love scary rides and roller coasters. This is definitely the park for that. Kids are not really worth it until they get 54 inches. The rides were awesome especially X2! Lying on your back, going backwards, rock music in your ears, flipping over, diving head first, fire shooting up, fast, flipping and twisting through the air. Amazing- well worth the 1 1/2 hour wait! WOW! We did not get to them all but that just means i will have to come back another time Right?!
In one of the first lines I asked the kid in front of me where he got this cape and he took it off and gave it to me and said he did not want it anymore. I told him he was going to make some 3 year old very happy. They had capes for sale all over the park because of the Superman and Batman rides. This was the first silver one we saw. Nice guy!
4. Dancing
Girls with their Ballet and Tap Teacher- Jamie at the YMCA

5.Reading books and going to the library
Ellie's favorite book (picture taken at school) Pinkalicious
Jocelyn's favorite books are any Fancy Nancy books, also Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody
6. playing at Parks
this was just a fun free event I took the kids to- we went to the Burbank 100 year celebration with Radio Disney and booths and fireworks.

7. And Lots and lots of swimming in our pool and playing with friends

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday celebrations

My birthday was about a month ago and I was in Lake Powell. My cute friend Sarah planned this amazing party will all my cute California friends from the ward. We could never find a day where Jeff could watch the kids so she arranged the party and they all payed for the baby sister and the group gave me a pedicure. It was so fun, thoughtful, unexpected and nice. What awesome friends! They are really trying to make it hard for me to move. Thanks girls for making me feel so Special!
the crew
Me with the Party planners Allie and Sarah

Both my girls have August Birthdays so they got to celebrate them early in school. We brought treats to both classes with the other summer b-day mothers. Did not get any of Jocelyn's but here is Ellie's unBirthday!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Fouth Festivities

Fourth of July weekend brought on :
Red, White and Blue Colors
My youngest sister Makenzie visited for the Holiday
with the other SCOI fellows
Caden jumping
Hollywood Sign (in the background-foggy)
Camping in the backyard
reading stories

Neighborhood Parade
decorating bikes
hanging out with friends from school and church

Watching CBS fireworks at a fun ward party
cuddling and eating
Driving (always in LA-he he)
Beach Day
we met my brother Blake in Huntington beach for the day
playing in waves
James getting tipped over by the waves
Burying Ellie
Blake and Ellie jumping over waves
Spending time with my cute sister.
Thanks Kenz for coming and playing with us. It sure was fun!