Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November and Thanksgiving

I am in charge of activity days in our ward.  This last activity we had a my house and had an educate/ manors lesson and had a tea party.  They each got to set there own table setting.  I think they had fun- here are some of the cute girls, including Jocelyn
 We had a huge snowstorm about 3 weeks ago. After school the whole neighborhood went sledding at the vacant lot on our street.  They had so much fun and did a few days until all the snow melted.
 This year we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of the Nelson clan at the family cabin in Midway.  It was a beautiful day and there was lots to be thankful for.    The food was amazing.  Thanks to all who made it happen and for many hands to prepare it.
Here is my little sisters Bryndy and Makenzie and my kiddos riding the Suri!
 My mom was in charge of the crafts and she went all out.  With about 4 to 5 different crafts for the kids and adults to do.  Here is Jocelyn making her "Give Thanks" sign.
 Ellie and Bryndy making a cute Thanksgiving pillow
 Kenzie and Caden and James making pilgrim hats.  We also made necklaces and cute paper turkey decoration.
 Jeff playing QB in the "Turkey Bowl"

 The set up in one room
we had 75 in attendance this year
 My sister Megan and her cute baby Marshall
 our atemped at a family picture
 The Maxfield family who made it to Midway
 The beautiful and yummy turkey prepared by Dave and Sylvia Webster
 We also Celebrated the November birthdays so Caden was super excited to blow out candles again and have cake!
 Nicolas and Caden the cute birthday boys.

We truly have so much to be Thankful for this Year!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Caden is 5!!!

November 7 2012
We are so grateful for this little buddy in our lives.  We are so happy he is alive and well, active and fully recovered from his accident.
Here are some of his fun Birthday Celebrations!!
 We took a few of his little boy friends to Classic skating in the day.  They loved riding their scooters and playing arcade games and playing in the bounce toys.

 they even had a fun ramp for the boys to play on
 the Birthday Boy was in Heaven
playing the arcades
James on his scooter
His basketball cupcakes!
Some of his buddies.
Daniel Christensen, Caden, Nash Hille, Will Pedersen, Talmage Beynon, Lucas Jackson and brother James.
blowing out the candle
opening gifts
Later that evening met up with the able family at McDonalds. ( Caden's choice for dinner and fun)  They played in the playland, ate,  opened gifts and sang Happy Birthday again!  

some of his awesome gifts that he is super excited about.
later playing with some of his fun birthday toys.

What a fun day!  We sure do love you Caden and can't believe you are growing up so fast.  You love school, sports, friends and are starting to read.
We are so glad you are in our family!  We love YOU! Happy Birthday Buddy!

Hear are Jocelyn and Ellie in their travel uniforms the day of dance pictures!  looking good girls!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Caden as "Robin" before his Halloween School PerformanceJames wanted to wear his costume as often as he could.  He loved Halloween this year and really believed he was BATMAN.  He would tell everyone, even random strangers he was Batman.  He also called each of us by what we were for Halloween all October.  Funny Boy!
Caden's preschool class
His buddy and Cousin Lucas is in his class.
Singing and doing actions to cute Halloween songs
Caden with his teacher - Miss Tammy

Jocelyn was "Glinda- the Good Witch" this year.    She saw WICKED this year and loved it and wanted to go with that theme!  She is not a Princess and did not like it when people thought she was-  funny.  Nani made her this pretty cape and altered one of Aunt Bryndy's old bridesmaid dresses and added sleeves.  It turned out great! thanks Nani Wendy.
Ellie as " Dorthy"with red ruby slippers and Toto in basket and all
and Me Elphaba completing the Wicked theme!  ( a natural Witch)
All the Girls

James as BATMAN!
Caden as Robin
the Duo- Batman and Robin out to beat " the Joker"

Jeff the Joker
who James was a little scared of at first

The Boys Superhero Batman Theme

Batman punching the Joker
the Whole Family before the Jackson Halloween Party
Some of the Awesome pumpkins that were carved

game time- bobbing for apples

the Halloween Parade at school
Nani, Aunt Megan and baby Marshall came to watch
Helping at Ellie's class party- I read the Book Bone Soup and we made our own too!
Ellie doing her Q-tip Skeleton craft

We trick or treated around Jeff's office after school
then had these Mummy's for dinner.
Getting ready to hit up the neighborhood for some candy!
trick or treating with fun neighbors.
    James eating his candy as he goes

going through all the candy after a fun filled exciting, full of sugar day!

Happy Halloween 2012!!!!!