Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Friday, February 19, 2010

Ellie's Half B-day at Pre-school

Ellie had a very special day last week at school. She had her Half Birthday since her real one is in August. Mom got to come and spend the whole day with Ellie at school. She was very Excited! We made a slide show of pictures of Ellie when she was little and growing up, all put to one of her favorite songs from Princess and the Frog, "Dig a little Deeper". I also read one of Ells favorite books to her class, "Pinkalicious". We had a little coloring page and stickers for class. She really loved all the attention on her! She is such a great little girl. We love you Ellie! It was also picture day. So here they are lining up. Cheese!

Not the best picture. But i was trying to hurry and take one with my camera before the photographer did. Her Teachers Mrs. Ketch and Mrs. Verkant

Ellie and her friend Ethan playing with the play dough during free time. Ellie with her Birthday (fake )cake and crown. She was also the star helper so she got to pick the day of the week and month and weather!

At snack time

She has really enjoyed Bethany Pre-school and loved her special day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you all Had a Wonderful Heart Day! We love you! Love the Jackson's

Caden 2

Ellie 4

Jocelyn 6

Helping out at Jocelyn's school for their Valentine's Day Party.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tubing Time

Last weekend we had a Youth activity for our ward. I am in the young women's so the whole family joined in the fun by Tubing at Ironwood Christian Ranch in Stuartville, MN (about 20 mins away.)

Jeff, Caden, Mike Kendrick and Marissa Me going down one of the 3 hills.



The kids had lots of their friends there also with some of the other leaders family. They had fun making trains.

Caden went a few times on dad's lap but not quite sure if he really liked it- maybe just a little to scary for him.

Jocelyn and Ellie however loved it and went all by themselves a million times


little Ellie

Jeff and Ellie at the top

and now at the bottom of the hill

the nice rope tow to pull you back up (the little kids could not hold on so they still had to walk up the side)

Jeff holding on to him and Ellie

Then after All that fun, we decided to drive a few extra minutes to Austin to check out the Spam Museum!

And learned all you ever wanted to know about SPAM!

Fun times for all!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dual Baby Shower Dinner

Last week some my cute friends from Rochester 2nd ward got together for Carolyn Hanson and my baby shower/ girls night out dinner. It was such good company and lots of cute gifts. Thanks all that could make it and we missed those who couldn't come. I am sure going to miss my friends and their cute families! Thanks again Summer for putting it together.

Angie Poulsen, Belin Lamb and Sarah Childs

Jolene Reed, Katie Worthington and 30 weeks prego me

Stephanie Alleman, Summer Gunn, Adrienne Dangerfield and Tauna Sanderson

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is official it passed inspection and papers are all signed. Crazy we can believe it really happened and so fast. We put in on the market last Friday and had our first person come through that afternoon and they sent us an offer that night. (about 5 hours on the market- pictures were not downloaded yet and no sign) We definitely got pretty lucky with the whole thing. Our Realtor told a fellow Remax Realtor who was going to write up an offer for a young lady on another home in a similar price range to check out our house before they did - and we were all Pleased with the outcome. We canceled the open house the next day. We are also grateful that the closing date isn't until end of May so we don't have to move out before Baby #4 in April. I still don't like to think about actually moving but it is nice to know we don't have to worry about selling the home anymore. The family just leaving Remax after accepting the offer
all smiles
Then we got a little something to eat and came home and our For Sale sign was then Up in front of our home.

It was a Crazy, wonderful, can't believe it day!