Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Fun

This weekend we pulled out the tents and sleeping bags, grabbed some hot dogs and marshmallows and went camping with the Brewers. We went to Oxbow Park- which was great camp site with soft grass and clean nice restrooms. It was a great first of the year Camping trip. Hopefully it won't be our last! Thanks Brewers for such a great time!Caden, Ellie, Jocelyn, Sarah, Seth and Ben chilling around the camp fire. Some of the kids got a little scared by some of the fun bed time stories Jeff and Jerry were telling around the campfire. (Beware of Crazy Will and the OX!)

Caden and Ellie

Jerry, Jen and Josh (with his poor sore nose) Brewer with Jeff

Jocelyn Enjoying a SMORE

Jeff gathering wood and keeping the fire going

Caden (sorry bad picture) after a yummy Dutch oven breakfast!

Ellie feeding Ben

After Breakfast and packing up gear we played at the park and went to see the animals at Zoo. (just up the street)

in front of the Bald Eagle

at the Otters

feeding the billy goat

Caden picking the grass

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Day of Pre-School

Jocelyn and Kayleigh our carpooling buddy! (thanks Sarah)

with Mrs. Plute
(Mrs. Wilkins must have been outside)
we will miss you Aldrich

Jocelyn Loved Pre-school! She loves to learn and loves lots of crafts and activities. She had great teachers and fun friends in her class. Thanks for a great year! Jocelyn is sooooooo excited for kindergarten she thinks it starts next week! We will have to keep her really busy this summer so the wait doesn't kill her.

Transportation Fair

the Ice-cream Truck giving away Candy!

Ellie and Caden in the basket of a hot air ballon

Jocelyn, Ellie, Lauren and SLIDDER

The Girls 4 wheeling with Lauren Pritt

Caden with Alex and Summer Gunn

Caden crying because he has to wait in a long line before he can get in the huge dump truck. He wanted to get in right NOW!

running up and down the tow truck bed!

The Transportation Fair is a is a big hit for my kids every year. They love getting to drive all these fun vehicles and to honk their horns. It was such a cold day we had to bring out the winter coats! We ran into some friends there too which always makes it much more enjoyable.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dude's -N- Diva's

I took the kids to get haircuts today!
this was Caden's 1st real cut-even though it was more like just a quick evening out
He did a great job and held really still.
All the kids (and their mother) loved this Kid friendly Place. They let them pick out a movie to watch-so they held pretty still. They had a great play area for the kids waiting with lots of toys like cars and trains, blocks, dolls and a big doll house. They got suckers at the end. It was very reasonable price too, especially if you go during "Nap Hours" (i think 11-2?)
My kids favorite part is at the end they spray color in your hair if you want! Caden getting a little chop chop of what little bit of hair he has! You really can't tell to much by the pictures but it does look better.

Ellie's turn- Before

After with Purple spray (that washes right out)

the Back
Jocelyn's before


during -sorry out of order

with Pink and Green stripes

We got home and Jocelyn asked if we could go back for a trim tomorrow!
Funny girl is going to have to wait for a few long months !
Anyway the shorter hair will be good for summer and better for my girls, since most of you know how much they liked to have their hair combed or done!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ballet Recital

Jocelyn and Ellie had their Ballet Recital this last weekend! They were so cute and did a great job. Here are a few from dress rehearsal and the big night!

These are their studio pictures they got taken. I tried to take a picture of the picture - as you can see did not turn out so well.

Jocelyn... Ellie...

Jocelyn and some of her friends from class before the show

Jocelyn loved her mini crown and putting make up on- of course

Ellie excited for her turn

Ells and her class waiting at dress rehearsal. The little ones are so cute- it doesn't really matter what they do on stage they just look too cute in their costumes.

Before the show

and After!

They loved their pretty roses from Daddy

Caden did great. He sat pretty good for and hour and a half! (had lots of food and candy to help)

Way to go Ellie and Jocelyn! They are growing up so fast! Great Job princesses!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the RAGE

A few weeks ago Jeff and his dad did a Half Ironman in Vegas. We didn't get to go cheer him on this time, but Jeff's mom, Karen did, and she got some pictures of the race. Had good night sleep in the Holiday Inn Express. Now it is RACE Day!

Jeff zipping up Dave's wet suit before the race

The Mass swim Start

Jeff getting out of the water and getting ready to transition to the Bike Dave on the Bike

Jeff at the finish line! Going strong for 5hours and 24 mins! Dave getting re-hydrated after the race

Way to go Dave and Jeff ! You guys did awesome! Congrats. Now let the training continue for the Full Ironman in September. Good Luck!

The next weekend Dave and Karen came out to watch the kids while we were in Florida. Thanks again!

Playing with Papa Dave and Maga Karen at Lego land in the Mall of America
making cars

racing the cars