Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New York!!!!

Jeff had a conference in New York a few weekends ago and I got to join him. A big Thanks to my sisters and my mom for watching the kids. We had a great time touring NYC, seeing Wicked for the 1st time, eating yummy food, trying to stay warm and enjoying good company. ( some of the pictures are not so great- taken with my phone)
the city...
the subway....
(with the girls- Joy, Shelly, Brooke and Me)
in front of Central Park...
Eatting at Serendipity....
did a little shopping too at Canal Street
"Frozen Hot Chocolate"- so yummy
Met up with the Boys for
dinner and a show
Getting ready to see "WICKED"
With the crew (Rod & Shelly, Dan & Joy, Ben & Brooke, Jeff & Marissa)
It was Awesome- We loved it!
Walking the streets at night!
Central park with Ben Hansen

Jeff showing us how cold it really was
the Statue of Liberty (wishing i had my good camera)
the rebuild site of the destruction of 911
We had a great few days in New York. Loved it!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Break Fun!

Banging pots and pans to Celebrate the NEW YEAR! (at 10 with the kids) Jeff and I did make it to Midnight thanks to a little ping pong tournement with some of the Maxfield's.We did lots of fun things over the break here are a few in no particular order some before Christmas some after.
Ice skating with Aunt Megan
Visiting the Aquarium with Aunt Bryndy
petting the Mantarays
the big fish tank
measuring up to the penguin
the Penguins
the octupus
Jocelyn and Bryndy
Christmas Eve Bowling Party
With the Swenson's great outfits!!! love it!
Snowmobiling in Heber
Eating at Dairy Keen
Sleeping over at the Midway Cabin
Skiing at Deer Valley

Visiting Buid- A- Bear with Maga Karen

and playing with our toys, cousins and friends! Happy New Year!

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. The kids are at the perfect age and we loved our first Christmas back in Utah!
Here are a few pictures of the kids Christmas morning

jocelyn showing what she got ....
Ellie's treasures....
and Caden's stuff...
and i did not get one with James stuff but he got a few of the same things as Caden to share.
This Jeep was one of their favorites.
James loving his balls and football helmet
We spent Christmas Eve at the Jacksons ate brunch at Grandma B's and then had My family over at our home for dinner and games Christmas evening. It was an awesome day! Caden went to sleep asking how many days until SANTA comes again! Sorry buddy a long time!