Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Sunday, June 23, 2013


 Ellie was the first in our family to need braces. She needed an expander to help her bite and teeth grow in.  She had the expander for a few months but was really excited to get some braces on from Dr. Maxfied/ Popsy!  She defiantly got the VIP treatment.  Thanks Popsy for taking care of us. I worked for my dad in college and full time for 4 years until I had kids.  And I was totally one of those moms who came back and took pictures! he he!
Ellie bug Before

 My cute Baby Sister Makenzie got her Mission Call.......Dallas, Texas -Spanish speaking!! Leaving in September to the Mexico MTC!  We are so Excited and Proud of you Kenzie!! We love you!!  You will be Awesome!

Here is Jimmer playing on the tracker they used to do our side grass project at our house.  He loved having it in our front yard for a few days!

Baby Liza!