Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Summer Fun

Boating on the 24th of July at Utah Lake in Provo
Jocelyn and Ellie wakeboarding
Jeff skiing
Aunt Laura with her twins Zackary and Ryker
Maga Karen and James swimming
Caden with no hands on the tube ski trainer

Ellie, Ashlyn and Jocelyn having fun
James trying it and not having to much fun
Caden, Me, James and Lucas on the tube

My sister Megan had her first baby July 25
cute baby Marshall Hammond
visiting the hospital

love those sweet baby feet

Playing with our Rochester friends the Brewers when they came to Utah.
Jen and I are always pregnant at the same time.
Yes if you have not heard we are expecting #5 in the beginning of January!!!!!
Enjoying the homeade slip-n-slide

playing at Cowabunga bay water park!!! Or Bunga Bay as James likes to call it!

We got to see "Wicked" in Salt Lake! It was awesome.  Jocelyn and Ashlyn got to come along with the big people.  They loved it and now love singing all the music!  Thanks Dave and Karen for such a fun Christmas present.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Enjoying Big Cottonwood Canyon

  Evening Hike to Cecret Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon
 the Hike- Ellie is a little tired and James is getting a ride
 the beautiful flowers
 James 2 years old
 Made it to the Lake!

 Saw a moose just off the trail on the way back down as it was getting dark!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swim Team

Jocelyn and Ellie have been doing swim team this summer with the Sports Mall.  They have been waking up EARLY for practice all summer M- TH from 7- 8:15.  And swim meets on Saturday mornings.  They have done great and really enjoyed it. There cute cousin Ashlyn did it with them. Way to go girls! You did great and have lots of ribbons to prove it! 
Ellie coming to the finish line
Jocelyn in the yellow googles
Ellie getting ready to get on the blocks
Jocelyn, Ashlyn and Ellie
Ellie getting nervous before her race.

Dad and James waiting at the finish line
Jocelyn's turn

Ellie getting her ribbon

Jocelyn  adjusting her googles- getting ready to go
They got to do lots of meets and learn all the strokes.  Some of there events included:
IM (individual medley- 25 butterfly, 25 backstroke, 25 breaststroke, and 25 freestyle)
25 and 50 meter freestyle
25 and 50 meter breaststroke
25 meter butterfly

Sunday, August 19, 2012

4th of July at Midway

This year we celebrated the 4th of July at Midway with many of the Nelson side.  It was so fun and beautiful up there.  The Fourth of July always reminds me of our  Rochester home where we watched the fireworks right on our lawn with all our friends. - fun times!
Caden learning how to ride his 2 wheeler!
 way to go!!
 Kenzie and James
 Ellie, Bryndy and Jocelyn
 James jumping.  It so nice to have my sisters around to help watch and play with my kids
 The riding in the Suri (sp?) with my aunt Rosalie and Marjorie

 more rides with Popsy
 visiting the horses

 and baby cows

End of a fun filled day of activities and fireworks and family!!!