Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Dancing Princess and Prince Charming

This is Ellie and her cute friend Ben Brewer dancing like the Princesses do on her Disney shows. Notice Ellie's silly dress/ pajamas. She likes to wear them "off the shoulders like Tinker Bell and Belle. Ben is pretty good they must be practicing at the Brewers home. They are pretty cute and pretty good partners. You never know maybe Ballroom Dancing could be their thing?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Very Mery Un- Birthday

Yesterday Jocelyn got to celebrate her 1/2 birthday at school. (since her real one is in the summer) When it is their B-days they are the STAR helper that day. Jocelyn was so excited for her big day. She was also excited to bring treats to the class and to show Ellie , Mommy and Caden what she does at pre-school.
Ellie was pretty happy too as you can tell by the picture.

sorry pictures are a little out of order. She put up a flannel cake and put candles on top. My cute 51/2 year old

they sang a mixed up happy birthday song

She got to wear the Wednesday helper Cap/visor. She wanted to bring a visor from home an did not understand why. (i thought maybe it was too sunny for her when they play outside. When we got to school i realized why. She brought it for Ellie to wear so she could be just like her. (notice Ellie on the front row with the purple visor) Jocie is such a nice big sister - she was so excited to show Ellie everything there is to do and Ellie followed her like a happy little puppy dog.

Mrs. Wilkins pulling Jocelyn's special birthday prizes out of the bag. (fun friendship bracelet, pencil, book mark and Minnesota state rock) She has such fun and great teachers.

Jocelyn leading the class on the Month and day of the week time. then she got to choose the weather for the day. Quite the big day for a little girl.

We brought cupcakes and chocolate milk for snacks. We stayed the whole time. The kids and I had fun watching Jocelyn. Caden and Ellie were pretty good a little tired (since it was during nap time) but good. Jocie said that she wishes we could come everyday to her school.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warmer Days

We had a few warmer days this last week. Which we loved! The kids were so excited to play outside. It was only for a little bit (cause it is still pretty chilly) and it was very wet and muddy, and still some snow on the ground as you can see. But were not Picky and it was totally worth it. We played on the swings, Jeff went on a bike ride "out side". Good thing because Sunday brought another storm with more snow! Bye bye swings for a little while longer!
Caden loved the swings and the slide. He held on like a champ!

just a little snow still on the ground

Ellie was having some taking turns and sharing issues which turned into her hurting Jocelyn. Anyway she needed a time out and i didn't want to take her all muddy into her room. So I put her on the "Dog House" (no we don't have a dog- just still there from the previous owners). Anyway it worked she hated it. And me and the neighbors heard it! She is hilarious and very dramatic. She did get "out of the dog house" he he ,and joined in the fun again. I just thought the picture was very funny.