Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tri Time for Daddy's Day

Happy Father's Day all you fathers! This father's day weekend our Dad got to do what he loves Triathlons. He competed in the Half Iron man in Appleton, Wisconsin. He did such a great job! We had lots of fun watching and cheering him on! An older picture of the kids loving their Dad!

The Swim

Jeff waving to us from afar! There were over 500 competitors in the Half and they had ten different starting group in addition to the sprint triathletes. So there were a lot of people and it was hard to tell where He was and who was winning. Luckily we saw him in all the transitions and got a few pictures.

coming out of the water going to get his bike

giving the kids a high five.

This Triathlon location was great! The kids got to play at the playgroup for a few hours in between each event. It was so beautiful with the lake in the background.

The girls getting dizzy and Hot!

Caden swinging away

Jeff getting ready to get off his bike.

Jeff in transition getting ready for the Run!

Running toward the finish line about 5 hours later. (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13 mile run) Hot, tired and exhausted!

He did great he got fifth in his age group

soaking in a tub of cold water to get their core temperature down.

Happy Father's day Jeff- Way to Go!

Ahhhhhh! a little Massage after the race.

His new bike- Jeff says its his father's day, birthday, and Christmas gifts for the next few years- wrapped into this baby.
He loves it!!!!!!!

Then on Sunday we went to the McKellars for dessert and this is the fun Father's day surprise we got. ( sorry camera is not recovered from the humid day at the race)

Really brownie patty with cupcake bun and frosting for the condiments. French fries were sugar cookies. So Cute and tasty too! Ang you are amazing!

Caden with the cute McKellars

Monday, June 15, 2009


We just got back from the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas! Jeff's grandma B took the whole family on this awesome vacation for her 80th Birthday! We played at the water park, the beach, we went scuba diving and snorkeling, ate lots of yummy food and loved being with family. Thanks MaryLynn and Karen and Dave. It was so much fun!

Be prepared for a lot of pictures and sorry they are out of order!the HotelKaren and Dave on the beach in front of the water slide towers. The slides were so fun- they went through enclosed shark tanks and fish tanks. Jeff's brother Marc and his wife Brooke at dinner

Ellie and Baby Lucas

Joshua and Jocelyn racing down the kiddie slides

Ellie, Kolbyn, Presley and Brooke

Ashlyn and Ellie

Aunt Becky Burningham reading to the kids at night

Papa Dave and Ellie and Marissa and Caden on the coolest lazy river ever. It was huge took about a half hour to go around one time. It had 4 rapid sections and big waves like a wave pool for part of a section. Everyone loved this ride!

Caden and Lucas playing in the sand

Aunt Laura and Lucas

Ashlyn and Jocelyn

Maga Karen in her snorkeling attire

On the Catamaran

papa Dave and uncle Scott with our Hotel in between

Jeff and Me

The Jackson Boys

Here are pictures from my camera at the airport

So excited to be with their cousins

Lucas and Presley

Caden and Kolbyn

Brooke and Lars

looking at Planes

the grand kids all in bed with their new matching PJ's

Dave, Karen and Grandma B sitting with the kids

Jocelyn and Mommy

Jeffie and Caden

Ellie and Kolbyn
the boys playing a little beach baseball

Thirsty Caden?

Jeff and his brother Scott with their Huge Plate of Meat!

Jacksons and Swenson grand kids at dinner with Grandma

Birthday girl with her Yummy dessert called the "Titanic"

Sarah and Carissa Swenson and Laura, Brooke and Marissa Jackson

We rented this movie theater and watched a homemade DVD put together by the family of Grandma B's life. WE gave it to her for a B-day gift. It turned out really cute!

Inside the hotel they had tons sea life to see. They had huge tanks and tunnels with Shark, huge 10feet manta ray and Turtles and huge fish. The kids loved it

the Great- Grand kids

Presley and Caden

El and Jocey

Our little family

Everything was so pretty these are the pathways!

Matching girl cousins dipping their toes in the water

Karen and Aunt Kris reading their books

Daddy and Caden swimming in the ocean

Katie, Blake and Emma swimming with Ellie

Jocelyn loved the sand she did not really like seeing fish swim by her!

Caden practicing up on his surfing skills

Cute Scottie and Laura

Ashlyn and Ellie playing Little mermaid
Jeff and the children building a sand castle

Lucas loved to Eat the sand

Sarah and Kris Swenson

Great- Grandma MaryLynn Burningham

Jocelyn the sand Mermaid

with Ash