Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Pinkalicious is one of my girls very favorite books. They love
all the PINK princess pictures and the cute story. To summarize it is about a little girl who makes pink cupcakes with her mom. She eats one to many and ends up turning Pink. The little girl thinks it is great! She looks like "Pinkerella and Pinkerbelle". The mother takes her to "Dr. Wink" and tells her the only cure is to eat A Lot of Green Healthy food. The girl end up eating another cupcake and turns Red! She doesn't like that so she ate her Greens and turned back to her normal self. It's Way Cute, perfect for those pink loving Princesses.

Any way my girls thought it would be fun to "play" Pinkalicious yesterday. So- we made pink cup- cakes, wore pink clothes, read the book, sang happy birthday to pinkalicious? (Jocelyn's idea), and ate lots of cup cakes. I think my girls secretly hoped they too would turn PINK.

They loved it- Fun Times!

Frosting the cupcakes

Finished Product!


The Party Planner

Here is Caden- don't worry Jeff, he is Not in Pink

But he did enjoy his Pink cup-cake!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Family and Friends .... we hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day. We love you!

Picture: Take One I told the kids to smile for the camera but Caden turned his head so Ellie decided he needed some help, then Ellie wasn't looking so Jocelyn helped her. Everyone loving to be the mommy... poor Caden has a lot of mothers.

Picture take 2: all somewhat looking a the camera all by themselves!

I made heart quesadillas for lunch on Valentines day. The kids liked it so much they have wanted all their food since cut into heart shapes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lester the Loon

Jocelyn's preschool has this activity that each child takes a turn with Lester ( a stuffed animal Loon). A Loon you ask- i think because it is the Minnesota State Bird. They send Lester and a Journal and a book home with your child and you get to write all the fun things you and Lester did together then bring it back to school the next time you have class and show the other kids. Jocelyn was so excited for her turn and was even more excited that it was the weekend so she had lots of days with him. She wanted to take so many pictures -it was funny. Her and Ellie treated him like he was one of the family. Feeding him, dressing him, brushing its teeth? Anyway it was a great project - her teachers are always doing some fun things. Here are some of the pictures with our friend Lester the Loon. (which were also included in her journal so her class could see too) Lester and Jocie Sleeping
Ellie and Jocelyn and Lester watching Peter Pan (one of their very favorites)

brushing those teeth

All in their PJ's getting ready for bed

Eating yummy ice cream from Culvers!

jumping with Lester

Family Portrait - He He

Monday, February 9, 2009


Here are so pictures of the girls posing at Ballet in their observation week for parents. It is always fun to see them learning new things and enjoying dance. I also find it a bit frustrating trying to help my kids with certain moves and they don't want to listen to me. ( i try to tell them i have taken quite a few dance classes back in the days- and i do know what i am talking about- but no luck) I guess that is why we put them in class - because they sure do listen a lot better to their teacher!
sorry not the best pictures- but you get the idea Jocelyn wanted to wear an old costume to class today. She thinks she looks like FANCY NANCY!

Jocelyn waiting to leap across the floor.

Here is Ellie smiling away and movin' and a grovin'

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Jeff had some fellowship interviews in the cities this weekend. we all tagged along.
It was so much fun. We stayed overnight at the water park of America. The kids loved all the fun slides, the family tube slide and the hot tub. The next day we played at the water park again until Jeff was done then we hit a triathlon store (for Jeff), IKEA and the Mall of America. The girls were in heaven on the rides and Caden fell asleep after a long day of play!

Jocie eating HALF of her Ice Cream??? silly girl

Ellie loving her ice cream

night night Bo Baden
us- just because we don't have any of just us two.

gotta love the whip lash

Jocelyn using the map to try to plan out which rides to go on