Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Family time

My Brother Brady and his wife, Taisja had little Eden a few months ago. They came to Salt lake this past week to visit and bless their cute baby. It was so fun to meet her and play with Brady and Taisja. Here is my kids and baby Eden!
Visiting City Center shopping area in downtown Salt Lake the first weekend it opened! It was very cool but sooooo crowded! It looked very LA ish! With lots of great shops. We will have to go again when the novelty wears off. Here is Bryndy with the girls with the SL Temple in the background.
My dad and Jeff
My brother Brady and his darling daughter Eden visiting from San Fransisco.
The Disney had the biggest crowd with about a 15- 20 line out side the door to get in.
Ellie watching Rapunzel in the "Magic Mirror"
It is My cute sister Bryndy's first year teaching Second grade in Sandy. She is such an amazing teacher! Jocelyn loves to help her correct papers and get her lesson plans ready. We had a day off that Bryndy did not have and Jocelyn wanted to go see her classroom and help her out.
Bryndy and James. (almost 2!!! Crazy! love that boy!)
Caden and James trying to help
Jocelyn and Aunt Bryndy
Saint Patrick's day funny face painting with Ashlyn