Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Friday, June 25, 2010

Playing in Utah -part 1

The kids and i have been spending some time in Utah with Family and friends while Jeff finishes up work and review courses for his boards. We have had such a fun summer- Playing our Hardest.Playing dress up with my sister Megan who recently got engaged and is getting married in August! It has been fun to be around while all the planning is going on.
I got to go with Megan to see her try on wedding dresses and the girls had lots of fun trying on princess flower girl dresses.
We have been doing lots of swimming at Grandma Karen's house and the kids have done some swimming and tennis lessons with cousins while we are in town.
Even James has got in the pool a few times
Here is the trip to the Dentist- which is also fun because it is their Grandpa Dave
Ellie and Papa
Counting Caden's teeth
Skating and Strolling at Classic Skating with the Maxfield fam
Jocelyn, Bryndy, Nani Wendy and baby James-E
the little ones used the scooters

Bouncing too! Playing way to hard and loving it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mayo Clinic Graduation

After driving our stuff to Utah we hurry and unloaded the truck to our parents garages. Then left the kids (minus James) with our parents while we went to LA to search for a place to live while Jeff does his sports Fellowship. We did find a cute house to rent for a year. It is a small older home with a pool! It should be fun, we are excited! Then we flew back to Rochester for the weekend for Graduation and the Roast. Jeff stayed a little longer to finish up his rotation and I flew back to Utah until he finishes everything up.Shaking hands with the Director Dr. Hanson

Dave Polga, Jeff and Mark Michael
Aaron Kritch, Jeff and Dan Rysman
James and I, Jennifer Kudera, Kristen Polga
Some of our Fellow 5 Year Ortho Residents:
Noha Michael, Kristen Hale, Jen Adler, Jeff, Jeremy Kudera, Riley Hale, Tyler Fox and his girl friend Julie
The next night at the Roast. (Lindsay Pritt, Kelli and Dan Rysman)
James got to tag along to all the events
We stayed at the Brewers home for the graduation weekend. Thanks again to wonderful hostesses. And another big Thanks to the McKellars for letting Jeff stay at their home for a few extra weeks. We have some pretty awesome friends.
Way to go Jeff! You did it- i can't believe it really has been 5 years!

On the Road

Seeing the Falls at Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Arriving at Mount Rushmore, in South Dakota

Seeing Washington's profile from the road
Washington, Jefferson, Rosevelt and Lincoln

Our Penske had an Oil leak and we were broken down on the side of the Road in Wyoming somewhere. Luckily they had a part to fix it in a near by city. It only put us back 4 hours . But it could have been much worse ( like it could have happened anytime earlier that day when we did not have cell phone service for 8 hours. Or we wouldn't have anyone to help on a Saturday night on a Holiday weekend. Or we could have had to unload and reload a new truck.) So Thankfully Penske and their mechanics were helpful and got us back on the road again with only a minor set back.
the truck with the oil leak
Jeff's car that was being towed behind the truck- covered in oil
We Made it to UTAH! Get a little break from the Penske then on again to California in a month.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

James' First smile
2 months
He has been such a good baby during all the packing and moving
Jocelyn's last day of school - emptying her locker
She ended school 2 weeks early because we had to get out of our house.
with her class
Alyssa and Jocelyn
Jocelyn and her Kindergarten teacher Ms. Tiedeman
Ellie on her last day of preschool at Bethany
with Mrs. Ketch and Ben Brewer

Ellie sliding down the moving truck
My friends helping clean my house

packing up the truck
saying goodbye to our home
Caden running around shirtless playing at the baseball field
leaving Rochester- definitely a crazy and emotional day! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped us clean, load the truck and take the things that did not fit in our truck off our lawn! We have wonderful friends that will be dearly missed! It is very sad to leave a place where 3 of your kids were born and the place we call home for the last 5 years- Great memories we have really loved it here.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Farewell and saying goodbye

Playing a little catch up with blogging. Here is some pictures of some moving away from Rochester parties. Our ward threw one for the families moving out this summer. It was great to get to say goodbye to everyone. We have been surrounded by some amazing people these last 5 years. It is really hard to leave so many great friends that have become like family. I get very emotional when i think about it. We will forever be friends and cherish all our memories. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future! Love Ya!
front row: me, Jen Brewer, Tamsin Barlow, Jolene and Porter Reed
back row: Belin Lamb, Carolyn and Kate Hanson, Summer and Avery Gunn
Belin, Carolyn and Valarie Buman
Stephanie and Elise Alleman

Jeff and Dallin Poulsen
Sarah and Wade Childs
Jolene, Jen and Ann Eldridge
Summer and Carolyn
Tauna Sanderson
Bishop Larson and his wife Joyce
Ellie on the fun tire swing at the Barlow's home
Caden swinging
Jocelyn and Alyssa Poulsen, one of her best buddies and in the same Kindergarten class
Jen B, Tamsin B, and Jolene R.
Some friends hanging out in the yard- the Boys

Sarah Brewer holding James and Jocelyn
Ellie and her buddies, Caroline McKellar, Hannah Reed and Alex Gunn
Jeff laughing with some guys, Paul Gunn, Jerry Brewer and Kurtis Reed
Some of My Rochester Best Buddies and their babies:
Jen, Ang, Stephanie, Summer, Carolyn, Jolene and Sarah