Jeff, Marissa, Jocelyn, Ellie, Caden and James

Friday, November 22, 2013

Eliza 4 months/ Spring 2013

When Eliza was 4 months!!! Where has the time gone!!   
 Smiling and started sucking her two fingers and Rolling over!!!!  We love our Liza!

 Here is Caden on crazy sock dress day
 Jocelyn and Ellie school pictures Spring 2013

 Family picture
taken at Aunt Marj wedding
Here she is just learning how to roll over on grandma Karens birthday, April 24

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Spring 2013
James just turned three and was able to play spring Soccer.  His uncle Scott was his coach.  Most of the time he was not to involved in the game and even some time lying on the ground.  It was very comical.   Many of the younger players had a hard time concentrating on playing for too long.  He ran a little and threw the ball in - was his specialty.  

We went to Wheeler Farm with Nani Wendy, Makenzie and Uncle Brady and Eden were in town
James with the ducks

James driving the tractor with Eden and Kenz

with Nani on the wagon ride
loving the ducks
The Boys Summer Buzz cuts by dad
with his"Best Friend" brother Caden
James likes to say everyone is/ or isn't (if he is mad at them) his best friend
James loved going to Caden's baseball games- mainly to play in the dirt pile.  This is what he looked like after most games. Look at his strong Muscles.  James is still obsessed with super heroes.  Loves Batman, superman, hulk, ironman. He only likes to wear superhero character shirts and basketball shorts! He even calls himself Peter Parker sometimes.  Funny Boy!! We sure do love our JamesE

Dance time

sorry way behind -needing to catch up!!!!

Ellie and Jocelyn have been busy dancing this last year at the Winner School.  They both had 2 competitions and the end of the year showcase.  They really love dance and have improved a lot this year.  Here are some highlights
Ellie getting ready backstage for her Jazz dance- Orange colored Sky
Jocelyn stretching backstage for her tap routine.
School highlights...
Ellie's first grade are show
Jocelyn's art
Caden's kindergarten orientation for next year
Dance competition at Utah State- we stayed over night at a hotel
with cousin Ashie and aunt Laura and baby Lucy (Laura's sister Lacey's baby- 4 weeks old triplet)
the Three amigos did awesome!!
and so did baby Eliza and little baby Lucy that you can't see
Now getting ready back stage for the year end show at Judge.
jocelyn and ashlyn - jazz number- "Who Says" by Selena Gomez
ellie tap

the mothers helping with hair and makeup

Jackson girls with Ava
Barton our neighbor
Lots of the family came to see the show
with Daddy Jeff, Nani Wendy, Aunt Bryndy and Makenzie
with Gammie Karen
Way to Go Girls
What a Great Year!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Caden played his first season of baseball.  It was machine pitch then they would bring out the T-ball stand if you needed it.  He had fun on the Bees with coach Cole VandenAkker and Chad Cannon. He later did All-Stars in the summer and loved it. (more pictures on that to come)  
Here is Caden in ready position at the pictures mound

Team Bees

one of his best buddies Will Pedersen
Up to bat... Batter Batter Batter Swing Batter

He also played Spring Soccer.  He really loves soccer and his Grandpa would give him a dollar a goal. One game he even got 11 goals.  Sorry Papa! (Caden loves money! he he)
Here is His End of the Year program at Discovery Preschool with Miss Tammy

silly day at school
Way to go Caden!!! What a great year in school and sports.  We sure do love you buddy!